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Brockhoff management forge for over three decades

Eckhard Brockhoff has been a real estate agent for commercial properties with heart and soul for over 40 years. Since then he has not only developed his company with great passion into the largest and most successful local commercial broker in Germany. In over three decades, Eckhard Brockhoff has also taught a number of personalities who today hold leading positions in global corporations or who have successfully started their own business.

Among other things, the former employee Tanja Severin became managing director at Siemens Real Estate Consult in Munich after her time at Brockhoff. Diane Becker holds the position of CEO Corporate Finance in Germany at Catella. The former employee Siegfried Heinz works in the buying and selling of real estate at MEAG Munich ERGO.

“Former colleagues have sometimes become business partners with whom I have maintained a trusting relationship to this day,” says Eckhard Brockhoff. “I was happy to help others on their way to self-employment.”

The professionalism and the service-oriented way of working make Brockhoff special: “We are not looking for quick business, but rather 77% of our business success with regular customers who are satisfied with us and therefore often assign us several times. I’m proud of that. ”

Brockhoff also distinguishes itself from many competitors in its work processes and the way it deals with its own employees. Because for optimal customer service, all brokers are equipped with high quality iMacs, iPads and iPhones and accompany the entire process from the first contact through to the signature. With many competitors this is different to the detriment of the customers, as they are afraid of fluctuation when a broker can do everything.

“In the past, employees have already started their own business and have become direct competitors. In some cases, I still have good relations with them. Hard in business, but fair, ”Brockhoff comments casually. Because so far no one has been able to dispute his position as the top dog among commercial brokers.