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Interview with Robert Bauerdiek, Managing Director of Cantec GmbH & Co.KG

“I knew I needed a professional” .
The mechanical engineering company Cantec moves into new office space in record time

For more than 60 years, Cantec GmbH & amp; Co. KG, formerly part of the Essen-based Krupp Group, machines for metal packaging on Helenenstrasse in Essen. But in June 2021, the parent company Soudronic decides that in the future only new machines will be planned and constructed in Essen; assembly will in future take place at the parent company Soudronic in Switzerland. In record time, around 800 m² of new office space is required for around 40 employees, because the move is to take place in the same year. Cantec managing director Robert Bauerdiek approaches Brockhoff OFFICE at the beginning of July and decides on new office space in the same month – and with a good gut feeling.

We are pleased that you turned to us when looking for new office space. How did you hear about us?

I am a native of Essen and read the WAZ regularly. I have often read that Brockhoff was a successful commercial broker who brokered office space. And since I had so little time to look for a property, it quickly became clear to me that I needed a professional by my side. So I got in touch with Tobias Altenbeck on the homepage at the beginning of July.

Please describe your first contact with colleague Altenbeck.

In a nutshell: We just talked on the phone. I said what we were looking for and basically Mr. Altenbeck already told me in the first conversation which areas would be perfect for us. I didn’t want to believe that at that time, but rather form my own picture.

Understandable that you wanted to view the objects. How long did it take until the first visit?

Just a couple of days. It took me the longest to find the objects that I wanted to visit from the more than 30 exposés. Then it went quickly and well organized to six objects in one day. A colleague from your back office worked out the route well and agreed on suitable time slots with the owners.

And did the viewing appointment convince you?

Yes, really. In the first conversation I couldn’t imagine that a high-rise building like Hollestrasse 7a would be an option for us. But Mr. Altenbeck was right. All requirements such as space size, rental price, fiber optic cable, number of parking spaces and conversion requests fit perfectly here. We move in here with a good feeling. I find it very impressive how well you know the office market and the landlords at Brockhoff, so that you can not only offer the right space right away, but also know exactly which landlord suits which tenant. As in our case. A great match.

So Hollestraße 7a is not just a quick fix?

I’m sure I would have made the same decision if I hadn’t been so pressed for time. Our employees are looking forward to the new offices. The move is due in November.

We wish you a relaxed move and a good time in the new offices!